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Student Organizations, Leadership & Engagement provides literature posting services for all campus organizations registered by SOLE and for University Departments.  SOLE accepts 20 copies of fliers to be posted weekly at designated Student Organizations, Leadership & Engagement Display Cases.

All fliers are due at the SOLE office at 105 Kerckhoff Hall before 5 pm every Thursday to be displayed the following week. 

  1. SIZE:  Postings are limited to 8-1/2” x 11” size paper printed vertically (portrait style).  Flyers with tear-offs will not be accepted.
  2. IDENTIFICATION:  All materials posted including signs and banners shall clearly indicate the name of the sponsoring organization exactly as registered with the Student Organizations, Leadership & Engagement.  Do not use abbreviations.
  3. DONATIONS:  Organizations may indicate “Donations Requested” on their literature but any reference to a specific amount of money is prohibited.  Additionally, any donation request may not be made a condition of admission to the event.
  4. LANGUAGE:  Posters, signs or banners announcing any on-campus event or program that convey information in a language other than English must include full translation in English.  Posted materials may only include date, time, location and description of the event.
  5. APPROVAL:  Literature must be reviewed and approved for compliance with university regulations by Student Organizations, Leadership & Engagement.  SOLE is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and is located in 105 Kerckhoff Hall.
  6. OFF-CAMPUS ACTIVITIES: SOLE cannot post flyers from campus organizations or departments that concern off-campus activities.

*PLEASE NOTE:  There are different policies which apply to Residence Halls and the Center for Health Sciences.  Contact your SOLE advisor to direct you to the appropriate office for those policies.


Note:  No sign, poster, flyer, paint, chalk, or ink messages may be placed, affixed, or applied to the walls, windows, floors, or other surfaces of campus buildings or structures, streets, walkways, utility poles, lamp posts, newspaper racks, trash receptacles, construction fences, trees, or shrubbery.




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